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Before you are making any decisions about solar panel system, please read the following guid that will provide you all the information regarding solar panel installation. After going over this information we can guarantee you will have no doubts regarding Solar panels system.  Here’s what you should know before you get quotes for solar power:
  1. The three main components of a solar power system:
a). The Panels – can either be polycrystalline or monocrystalline. Choosing between these two doesn’t matter much, what matters is the brand that is installed. Homestead Solar uses only high quality brands so that the solar system will last you for at least 25-30 years before any maintenance or repairs is required at all. b). The inverter – which can be either a string inverter or microinverters. The string inverter is usually installed on the wall and all the connections of the solar panels are connected to it. The inverter is the solar system’s part that works the most and the harder and might be the first thing you will need to repair or replace, but you won’t need to think about it for about 25-30 years from the first installation. c). The third main component of a solar power system installation is the racking/mounting. This is what holds the solar system and keeps it connected and mounted on the roof properly. There are many different types of racking brands, the installer is able to find the one that fit your solar systems needs the most. 2.   Before the Installation: One of the most important things before solar system installation is to check how much of electricity you usually use and when you use it. Once solar energy is generated, it will first be used to power up your appliances, with any surplus solar energy exported to the grid. Solar panels system will usually save you at least 30c per KW. That means that properties that use a lot of electricity in regular, are the best fit for solar panels and will see the fruits on their investments very soon from the time of the installation. 3. What is the appropriate number of panels you should buy? This depends on few things: the amount of electricity you usually use, the size of your roof and its capacity to hold the solar panels, and your area regulations that are usually changed from state to state. 4.  The optimal roof for solar panel installation: a. Panel Direction The solar panels should be installed usually directed to the side the sun rises from, that will produce most of their energy in the morning and drop off in the afternoon. b. Panel Angle The ideal panel angle to maximize the energy produced over the whole year is simply the latitude of your location. Generally, unless your roof is flat, the ideal angle is whatever your roof is built at.   5.  Typical payback period for a solar power system. A well-designed solar system installation has a typical payback period of around 4-7 years in Australia. This can vary wildly depending on your electricity usage and your system size, but when you get quotes for solar power systems, the installer should do a payback analysis for you to estimate your payback period. 6.  How should you pay for your solar system installation This is vey individual. Generally speaking, most people are paying cash for solar systems in order to be done with the payment as quickly as possible and start enjoying the electrical savings. If you are debt-free and have cash you are looking to invest in something meaningful and returnable, then solar system installations would be a very smart idea of an investment.  However, most of us don’t have the access to that amount of money or not looking to invest in anything at this time, the next good option would be financing your solar system installation. Financing can be tricky, but you have to know who to deal with. Homestead Solar has many different finance options with low to no interest at all, depending on your credit history and present condition. Another option, is organizing your finance independently through your bank or another organization you have relations with. The last option would be leasing the solar system, this would probably be the easiest option but the less recommended.  homestead solar offers you convenient payment option that will workout perfectly with your needs and expectations, making it easy for you to start saving on your electricity bill. You are now ready to install your new solar system panel, we are here to give you all necessary tools and pieces of information in order to make your experience perfect. Trusting us with your solar system needs is the smart thing to do since we have years of experience and been through it all. We know all the solutions and know the best solar system criteria that will fit your property needs the most.

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